Monday, May 30, 2011

libEasyRandR and kdisplay update

libEasyRandR is still progressing quite well and can already catch some unwanted arguments for the RandR extension functions. kdisplay is the GUI app that helps in testing this lib and is able to list all available outputs from all virtual screens on your computer, change their resolution and place them using absolute position in virtual screen space.

Testing the RandR extension is no fun if you are not careful enough. I have caused my display to go blank with no way to restore it except killing the Xserver! :-( I don't know if it was caused by bad graphics driver or some condition that wasn't covered in RandR.

Luckily, in the later versions of VirtualBox you are able to add multiple monitors to your virtual machine thus enabling me to test kdisplay without risking killing my Xserver all the time. Also I can do tests with more than 2 outputs without having to get my desk cramped with monitors :-) Here is a screenshot of my virtual setup:

And to think that all these are run in a quite old laptop!